Version 3.13.0

New features

  • Many Metadefender Core components have been upgraded to 64-bit, including the REST server, allowing the scanning of very large archives simultaneously.

  • Support McAfee Web Gateway

Other changes

  • The Metadefender Mail Agent is no longer installed with Metadefender core. The Metadefender Mail Agent installer now needs to be generated from Metadefender Core's Management Console and then installed manually.

  • Scan results on the quarantine page are now linked to the scan results on the Logs page. If scan results are deleted from the Logs page they will also be removed from the quarantine page.

  • If the RAM drive is installed as part of Metadefender Core it will not be removed when Metadefender Core is uninstalled.

  • When the Metadefender Core license is expired the Management Console is now still accessible for configuration purposes