Version 3.12.3

New features

  • Metadefender Core administrators can now configure which type of scan results will be labeled 'blocked', and which will be 'allowed'

  • The Metadefender Mail Agent now supports Office365 and Google Apps email servers

  • The Metadefender Mail Agent now supports installation on Microsoft Exchange servers

Other changes

  • The Avira scan engine has been updated

  • Display of scan results in the Management Console has been improved, including the source of the scan and the workflow applied

  • The threat name is now included on the 'block' page when using the ICAP interface

  • The number of files in the scan pending queue is now limited to 20,000. The /file API will now return 503 (Service unavailable) if the maximum of 20,000 files has been reached.

  • A minimum of 3.5 GB of free disk space is now required when files are submitted for scanning. If the machine has less than 3.5GB free the /file API will return 503.

  • Product documentation has been updated to a new format