Version 3.0.0

New features

  • Enhanced licensing activation and management

  • Added support for Distributed Remote Engine

  • Added support for custom scan rules through whitelist/blacklist

File Types and Archive Handling

  • Added File Type Category for mail messages

  • Enhanced detection of encrypted archive file

  • Added support of extracting encrypted archive file

Engines Updated CA scan engine

  • Updated ClamWin scan engine (0.96)

  • Enhanced scanning speed with AVG scan engine

  • Enhanced scanning speed with CA scan engine

Other changes

  • Added support for reporting scan details per engine for synchronous scan

  • Updated Embedded Engines to be out of process

  • Updated File Type engines to be out of process

  • Improved capability of recovery from failure by Watchdog

  • Added option to resetting cache with manual update

  • Improved handling of foreign file names by Quarantine Manager

  • Enhanced Quarantine Manager to allow restoring files to a custom path

  • Added configuration guide to MMC help

  • Improved logging scan history with user agent and user description