Scanning boot sector capability not available for all engines

The MetaDefender Core Release Notes, which can be found here, have a section called 'Known Issues' that contains the following statement:

“Scanning boot sector is only supported by Total Defense/Quick Heal scan engine. Other engines will fail to scan for bootsector scan request.”

As this statement has led to some confusion in the past, we would like to provide some information regarding its context here.

This statement is only applicable to the scanbootsector argument in the OPSWAT command line utility and ScanEx COM API. These are specific functions used to scan the boot sector of a drive local to the Metascan server. Only a few engines have the ability to properly access boot sectors, so most engines will fail to scan. This is a limitation of the engine processes themselves.

This limitation does not affect the overwhelming majority of MetaDefender Core implementation since most implementations/integrations are meant to scan files moving through a system and such files never reside on the boot sector.

This article applies to MetaDefender Core v3
This article was last updated on 2019-11-08