Beginning with Metascan 3.8.1, OPSWAT supports only using the JSON-based (v2) REST API and XML-based (v1) REST API is deprecated.

Compatibility with Core v4 and

We have designed REST API in a way that most common functions on Core v3, Core v4, and public/private API share same structures and mechanism.

If you are moving from to Core or vise versa, the change you need to make on your application should be minimal unless there is specific function that is only available to either one. If you notice any incompatible API, please contact OPSWAT support for consulting.

API key-based authentication

Metadefender Core allows you to limit access to the REST API only to users that have a defined API key. If no such API keys are defined then the 'apikey' parameter should be excluded from the REST API calls. If one or more API keys are defined, the 'apikey' parameter is required. To define API keys configure them in the management console.