Online License Activation By Management Console

Note: The Metadefender Core Server must be connected to the Internet for online activation.

The following are required for online activation:

  • A Metadefender Core Server

  • A serial key that matches the Metadefender Core package installed on that Metadefender Core Server. Metadefender Core licenses can only be used with the package for which they were created (1, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 and Custom). For example, a serial key for Metadefender Core 4 will not work with Metadefender Core 8.

You can use the following methods for online license activation:

  • The Metadefender Core Management Console included with the Metadefender Core installation

  • The License Manager Command Line Interface (CLI)

Online activation of licenses using the Metadefender Core Management Console

The Metadefender Core Management Console is installed by default and can be launched from the Start menu. You can also access the Metadefender Core Management Console directly from any machine with network access to the Metadefender Core Server at http://<metadefender core server>:8008/management.


  1. In the Metadefender Core Management Console, navigate to the Licenses tab to check the current license information.

  2. Enter the Metadefender Core serial key, company name, and contact email address for the instance of Metadefender Core you wish to activate. For example,

  3. Click Activate to apply the license.

  4. Confirm that the license activation was successful and that the license expiration date matches the expiration date on your Metadefender Core contract.

Online activation of licenses using the License Manager CLI

  1. Open a command prompt by going to Start > Run > CMD.


  2. Change the working directory to the Metadefender Core install directory by entering cd <Metadefender Core install dir> (e.g., cd “c:\Program Files (x86)\OPSWAT\Metadefender Core 4”).


  3. Verify that your installation of Metadefender Core is NOT already activated by entering omsLicMgrCLI.exe checklicense [package] (e.g., omsLicMgrCLI.exe checklicense 4).


  4. Activate the license by entering omsLicMgrCLI.exe activateonline <license key> “<email>” “<company>” [package]


  5. After Metadefender Core activation completes successfully, the updated license status is displayed. Verify that the license status listed is “Activated” and that the expiration date matches the expiration date on your Metadefender Core contract.

Note: If online activation is not successful, check to ensure the Metadefender Core Server’s Internet connection is working. If online activation is still unsuccessful, follow the steps for offline activation.

For more on using this tool, see License Manager Command Line Interface.