Offline License Activation By Management Console

The following are required for offline activation:

  • A Metadefender Core Server

  • A serial key that matches the Metadefender Core package installed on that Metadefender Core Server. Metadefender Core licenses can only be used with the package for which they were created (1, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 and Custom). For example, a serial key for Metadefender Core 4 will not work with Metadefender Core 8.

You can use the following methods for offline license activation:

  • The Metadefender Core Management Console included with the Metadefender Core installation

  • The License Manager Command Line Interface (CLI)

Offline activation of licenses using the Metadefender Core Management Console

The Metadefender Core Management Console is installed by default and can be launched from the Start menu or in any browser with network access to the Metadefender Core Server.


  1. In the Metadefender Core Management Console, click the Licenses tab to check the current license information.


  2. Select the Activate Offline option and copy or take note of the Install Code, which is needed to obtain the unlock keys.


  3. To obtain the unlock keys, visit the Metadefender Core offline activation portal at

  4. Enter your company name and other contact information.

  5. Enter your serial key and the Install Code from step 2.

  6. Click Request Unlock Key , which displays a page with two unlock keys. Copy or take note of both of these.


  7. Go back to the Metadefender Core Management Console. Enter the license key and unlock keys in the dialog box along with the company name.


  8. Click Activate and confirm that the license expiration date has been updated and that it matches the Metadefender Core contract.

Offline activation of licenses using the License Manager Command Line Interface (CLI)

See the "activateoffline" command in License Manager Command Line Interface for more information.