Metadefender Client Configuration

"Metadefender Client Download Configuration" lets you specify the settings for the Metadefender Client package that you generate and download from the bottom of the page. After a client has been generated, the Metadefender Client download page (<ip or dns address>:8008/#/client) can be shared with anyone who should be able to use Metadefender Client to scan files with this Metadefender Core server.

  1. Access the Metadefender Core Management Console .

  2. Click the Sources tab and then c lick Metadefender Client .

Note: The Windows Metadefender Client is supported to run only on endpoints running Windows 7 or later.

The following properties can be set for the Metadefender Client download package.



Default Value

Metadefender Core

Local Metadefender Core

This is the address that Metadefender Client will use to access the Metadefender Core server. This should be the address (IP address or machine name) of the system that the Client is being generated on and will be accessible from every machine where Metadefender Client will be run. Before updating the client be sure that this address is correct!

http://<IP Address>:8008/metascan_rest/

Scan Options

File Size Limit

The maximum size of files to be scanned by Metadefender Client. Files larger than this size will not be scanned. Maximum file size limit: 2GB

50 MB

Scan Type

Set a default behavior

Select option to be used as the default behavior:

  • Full Scan: scans system drives, physical drives, running memory processes, and removable drives

  • Process (Quick Scan): scan running memory processes

  • Custom: select which system components to scan

Process (Quick Scan)

Allow custom selection in the client

Allows a user of Metadefender Client to select to which system components to scan.
Enabling components will show the components to be selected upon startup of the Client.

No components are selected

Local Log Directory

Save scan log

The directory where Metadefender Client will log all scanning activity


Destination: %AppData%\Metadefender-Local

Allow App to Exit

Specifies whether the Metadefender Client can be exited from the system tray


After configuration changes have been made, you can generate a new Metadefender Client downloadable package by clicking Update Client .