License Manager Command Line Interface

You can use the License Manager CLI to apply, update, or activate a Metadefender Core license. You can also use it to check the license status of Metadefender Core or Remote Clients. This tool (omsLicMgrCLI.exe) is installed in the Metadefender Core installation directory.

To use this tool, open a command prompt by going to Start > Run > CMD, and then enter start omsLicMgrCLI.exe






Display each available command and its parameters.



Retrieve license status. *Optional.

Will pick a default based on directory that it is running in.



Retrieve install code which is required for generating unlock keys in order to activate offline.


<serial key>




Activate license with a serial key through the Internet. The Metadefender Core Server where the license is being activated must have an Internet connection.


<serial key>


<unlock key>

<unlock key2>


Activate license on a Metadefender Core Server without a direct connection to the Internet. This command requires a serial key and 2 unlock keys.

Obtain the two unlock keys following the steps in Offline License Activation By Management Console.


<unlock key>

<unlock key2>


Finish activation if the license status is “Activation Required”.

Argument values











Metadefender Kiosk

Optional parameter, if not specified, package of the currently installed Metadefender Core service will be used.

1: Metadefender Core 1

4: Metadefender Core 4

8: Metadefender Core 8

12: Metadefender Core 12

16: Metadefender Core 16

20: Metadefender Core 20

Metadefender Kiosk

<serial key>

Serial number consisting of 6 blocks of 5 characters

The serial number is your proof of purchase. It is unique and will look like this:


Although the serial key and unlock key have the same format, their properties are completely different. You must not mix them up and should keep them separate.


Email address

An email address of the contact who is responsible for Metadefender Core licenses.



Name of company who owns the license

Used for the “company” property in Metadefender Core.

<unlock key>

<unlock key2>

Serial number consisting of 6 blocks of 5 characters

Keys tied to a unique machine and serial key. These are obtained from OPSWAT through phone, email, or the web activation portal for offline activation.

Common license activation errors

The following are common errors encountered during activation and their potential causes.


Possible Causes



An unrecognized serial key was entered.

A serial key is specific to the type of Metadefender Core package. For example, a serial key for Metadefender Core 4 cannot be used for Metadefender Core 8 or 12.

invalid unlock keys

An unrecognized unlock key was entered.

Unlock keys are tied to a specific serial key and machine where the Install Code was generated. Using an unlock key on a different system, or with a different serial key will result in this error.

No internet connection

Metadefender Core is unable to connect to the Metadefender Core license server.

Check your Internet connection or follow the steps for offline activation.


In cases of other errors, an error code will be displayed along with this message.

Please contact OPSWAT support ( with the error code.