How would you recommend setting the RAM Disk size?

Prerequisites: In order to take advantage of RAM disk technology, the total memory allocated on the MetaDefender Core machine must be greater than or equal to the minimum settings required to run MetaDefender Core. The system requirements for MetaDefender Core are here.

In order to process multiple concurrent scan requests, the RAM disk must be big enough to hold the combined size of all of the files being scanned at any point in time. OPSWAT recommends the following way of estimating the size of the RAM disk:

RAM disk size = (Max number of simultaneous requests + 1) * Average size of a file * File type multiplier


  • File type multiplier: If the majority of the scanned files are archives, this should be 2.

  • If the RAM disk is used as the primary temp directory, the maximum extracted archive file size will be half the size of the RAM disk for a single archive. If an archive exceeds that size, an error message appears unless a secondary temp directory is configured. If a secondary temp directory is configured, then the archive will use that temp directory to extract the archive. The size of the secondary temp directory is always half the available space on the drive.

This article applies to MetaDefender Core v3
This article was last updated on 2019-11-08