How do I get my separately licensed AV to show up as a Customer Licensed Engine in MetaDefender?

Note that MetaDefender Core does not recognize all antivirus (AV) applications as Customer Licensed Engines (read more about this here). However, here are some actions you can take in order to dertermine if MetaDefender Core can recognize your AV as a Customer Licensed Engine:

  • Make sure your AV is installed on the same machine as your MetaDefender

  • Make sure this is the only externally installed AV on the machine (by "externally installed" we mean an AV that is not part of the MetaDefender package)

  • Make sure the AV has the latest updates

  • Perform at least one scan on demand with your externally installed AV

  • Upgrade your Customer License Manager by following these steps

    1. Open an elevated command prompt on your MetaDefender Core server.

    2. Navigate to the MetaDefender Core installation folder (the default location is C:\Program Files (X86)\OPSWAT\MetaDefender Core X).

    3. Enter omsCmdLineUtil.exe update cle-manager.

    4. Restart MetaDefender Core Services.

If these steps do not have the desired result, please log a support ticket using our portal and our OPSWAT Support team will assist you, though we cannot guarantee that we will be successul in having the AV recognized as a Customer Licensed Engine or in having it perform to your needs.

This article applies to MetaDefender Core v3
This article was last updated on 2019-10-10