File Log

To access Metadefender Core's file scan history, do the following:

  1. Access the Metadefender Core Management Console.

  2. Click the Logs tab and then the File Log tab.


You can filter file results to display a specific time period. To view detailed scan results, select a file name from the list.

The following values display for each file in the file scan history:

Field Name


File Name

The filename specified at the time of the scan request. This is determined by the following for the different Metadefender Core interfaces:

  • REST: The value specified in the 'filename' header in the scan request.

  • COM: The name of the file from where it is scanned on the Metadefender Core system.

  • ICAP: The value of the 'filename' header in the ICAP request. If this is not specified, then this will be the portion of the URL after the final forward slash (/).


Provides detailed information why the file is blocked by Metadefender Core. For a complete list of possible block reasons, refer to Callback for Processing a File (COM).

Workflow Applied

Indicates which workflow profile is used for the specific file. Click the workflow name to go to the workflow profile detail page and view the profile's configurations.


The client IP address where the process initiated from.

Start Time

The timestamp of when the scan started.