Configuring Scan Engines

Using the Metadefender Core Management Console

  1. Access the Metadefender Core Management Console.

  2. To configure the Engines section and apply offline updates, click the Configuration tab and then click Engines .


All bundled engines as well as custom and customer licensed engines that can be used in Metadefender Core are listed on this page. Each engine can be activated or deactivated by selecting the checkbox and then clicking Apply at the bottom of the page.

If applicable, an engine’s heuristic scanning feature can be activated or deactivated as well. These changes take effect after the Metadefender Core service has been restarted.

Any customer-licensed engine will not be enabled by default for Metadefender Core 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20 packages. You must enable customer-licensed engines before they can be used by Metadefender Core to process scan requests.

Using the command line interface

If you would like to enable or disable engines from the command line interface, run the following commands from the Metadefender Core installation directory.

Retrieving the list of available engines

omsCmdLineUtil.exe getinfo

Enabling an engine

omsCmdLineUtil.exe config in=<engine(s) to be included>
e.g., omsCmdLineUtil.exe config in="eset scan engine|avira scan engine"

Disabling an engine

omsCmdLineUtil.exe config ex=<engine(s) to be excluded>
e.g., omsCmdLineUtil.exe config ex="eset scan engine|avira scan engine"

If you are enabling or disabling multiple engines, separate the engine names with a ‘|’ character.

Supporting customer-licensed engines

omsCmdLineUtil.exe config sp={0|1}
e.g., omsCmdLineUtil.exe config sp=1

This property determines whether Metadefender Core will attempt to use antivirus engines that are installed on the system outside of Metadefender Core. These engines will often have reduced performance compared to embedded engines and may also reduce overall Metadefender Core performance. By default, customer licensed engines will be enabled in Metadefender Core 1 and disabled in Metadefender Core 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20 packages.