The caching configuration determines the size and behavior of the Metadefender Core scan result cache. The cache allows Metadefender Core to return results from a previous file scan with Metadefender Core if those scan results were cached and have not yet expired. Caching can only be configured through omsCmdLineUtil.exe.

The following settings apply if caching is enabled:



Default Value

CLI config

Enable Caching

This enables Metadefender Core's scan result caching.



Reset cache on engine update

Specifies whether the cache should be reset (and all cached results discarded) whenever there has been an engine definition update.



Cache Expiration

Specifies how long (in hours) cached results remain available after a scan. After this time the cached results will be deleted.

72 hours

kc=<time in seconds>

Maximum Cache Size

The maximum size of the cache in RAM. This is only the amount of space required to store the cached scan results, not the files themselves.

100 MB

ms=<size in MB>

To manually reset the cache, do the following.

  1. Stop the Metadefender Core service (net stop metascan).

  2. Delete the cache database (<installation directory>\Data\omsCK_KN.db3).

  3. Restart the Metadefender Core service (net start metascan).