Analyze file type III (COM)




This method is an extensible file type analysis API that allows the user to set various analyze file type options that can be configured for each file type analysis request. It can be used as a wrapper of the other file type analysis APIs. It also supports specifying custom ticket ID and session ID to associate file type analysis and scan.

Function prototype

[in] VARIANT ContentsToScan,
[in] VARIANT * InArgsArray,
[out, retval] VARIANT * OutArgsArray




Data Type


This argument may hold one of two types, a file path to be scanned or a memory buffer to be scanned based on the data type of this parameter and input argument (InArgsArray) value

  • A file path: if the type of this parameter is a string

  • Memory buffer: if the type of this parameter is a byte array(byte[])

File name: string

Buffer: byte array


A list of input arguments in the following order.

0. File Type Library choice

  • 0: Use default

  • 1: Magic File Type

  • 2: TriD (Not supported for now)

1. Custom ticket #

(maximum 9 digits from 1-999999999) or (0 for not using custom ticket #)

2. Session ID

a. To associate multiple file scan as a group (e.g., multiple requests for single folder)

Array of variants with the following order:

1: UINT32

1: UINT32

2: String


A list of outputs with the following order:

0: Ticket number (if custom ticket # is specific in InargsArray, same ticket number is returned).

1: Suggested File Type Extension

2: File Type Long

3: File Type Short

Array of variants with the following order:

0: UINT32

1: String

2: String

3: String