ASP Sample

  1. Install IIS.

  2. Install Web Development support for Visual Studio.

  3. Enable web sharing on the sample dir.

    1. Go to sample dir.

    2. Right-click on Properties .

    3. Click Web Sharing > Share this folder .

    4. Give all permissions to folder (including Execute for scripts ).

  4. Enable advanced file sharing options – Open an explorer window -> Tools -> Folder Options -> View -> uncheck “Use simple file sharing”.

  5. Ensure the following ASP accounts have permissions on the project folder:
    • ASP.Net machine account
    • Internet guest account (IUSR)
    • Launch IIS Process account (IWAM)

  6. To change the permissions, right-click the folder and select Properties > Security .

  7. Add the accounts. For each account, add read and execute permissions.

  8. Open Internet Explorer, and change security settings to custom. Reset them to Medium low, and change the “Download unsigned ActiveX controls” and “Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe” options to “prompt”.

  9. Open the project. You may get the following message "The specified Web server is not running ASP.NET version 1.1 ..." If so. follow the steps in:

  10. In the IIS, ensure access is allowed to the sample folder by setting the folder's "Directory Security".

  11. Assign "Launch and Activation" permission on the Metascan to the account running ASP.Net in DCOM Configuration (DCOMCNFG).