7. Deep CDR Release Notes


Release date: 09/28/2020

  • Support new file types:

    • Open Office Spreadsheet (ODS, OTS)

    • Open Office Presentation (ODP, OTP)

    • Hangul Word template (HWT)

  • Support recursive sanitization for MS Office 2003 (DOC, XLS, PPT) , Open Office (ODT, OTT, ODS, OTS, ODP, OTS) , Rich text format (RTF)

  • New configuration to remove javascript hyperlink in HTML

  • Preserve object thumbnail after removing OLE objects in Office 2003

  • Improve Chart object handling in XLSB

  • Better hyperlink handling in RTF: remove hyperlinks properly, keep bookmark links

  • Improve XFA form sanitization in PDF


Release date: 9/1/2020

  • Better handling JSON details

  • Improve TXT sanitization

  • Better HTML redirection in cases a hyperlink is escaped

  • New file type conversion: XLSM to CSV, XLTX to CSV, DOC to RTF, DOCM to RTF, HTML to TXT


Release date: 8/10/2020

  • Support new file types:

    • File type conversions on Linux: PPTX/PPSX/SVG to BMP

    • TIP Test selection engine (TSE, TSEC, TSEZ)

    • WinACE archive format (ACE) conversion to other archive file formats

  • Better handling embedded PDF file in MS Excel 2007

  • Improve PDF, TIFF, RTF sanitization


Release date: 7/15/2020

  • Hotfix to work with MetaDefender Kiosk Secure Image


Release date: 7/7/2020

  • Support new file types:

    • Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DCM)

    • AutoCAD Drawing Standards (DWS), AutoCAD Drawing Template (DWT),

    • Microsoft Powerpoint Slide 2007+ (SLDX), Microsoft Office PowerPoint Slide 2007 - Macro-Enabled (SLDM)

    • Windows Shortcut File (LNK)

    • HD Photo (WDP), Google Web Image (WebP)

    • DOC to DOCX, DOT to DOTX conversion

  • A new configuration to allow hyperlink redirection in Microsoft Offices, Microsoft Visio documents, Hancom documents, PDF, RTF, ICS, VCS, ODT

  • Better timeout handling for Microsoft Office, PDF sanitization

  • Improve HWP sanitization: better image handling, separate chart configuration with embedded objects, fix memory leak

  • Better handling Tiff images, unused objects, 3D objects in PDF sanitization


Release date: 5/20/2020

  • Support ALZip (ALZ) sanitization

  • Support removal of thread comment in Microsoft Excel

  • A new configuration to allow zero font in HTML file

  • Improve SVG, XML, UTF-16 HTML sanitization


Release date: 4/14/2020

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable is a new requirement

  • New configurations:

    • A configuration to skip a PDF file with digital signatures

    • A configuration to process a HTML file which has multiple <html> tags in it.

    • A configuration to keep/remove chart in Microsoft Office files

  • Support new file types: HTML Application (HTA), Adobe Illustrator (AI), WinRAR (RAR to RAR)

  • Improve Microsoft Office sanitization: better file path handling, improve parser performance

  • Better PDF timeout handling

  • Improve image quality when converting from PDF to TIFF


Release date: 3/23/2020

  • Better handling special signs (",+) in CSV

  • Improve hyperlink removal in RTF


Release date: 3/5/2020

  • Handle Meta Refresh tag in HTML

  • Better OLE object handling in DOCX


Release date: 2/18/2020

  • Better hyperlink handling in PDF

  • Improve embedded font removal in DOCX

  • More stable JPG, ICO, CUR sanitization

  • Minor changes in configuration UI


Release date: 1/29/2020

  • Fixed compatibility with FIPS compliance

  • Better handling PDF/A-2

  • New configurations to control image quality in PDF

  • Return hyperlink list when choosing "Display hyperlink with domain only" in HTML sanitization


Release date: 12/26/2019

  • New configurations to sanitize hyperlinks in HTML

    • Return hyperlinks without processing them

    • Replace with text

    • Add a prefix URL to hyperlinks

  • More details about the sanitized objects for MS Office, PDF, HTML

  • New UI Configuration (available in MetaDefender Core 4.17.1 or newer)

  • New support file type

    • Icon file format (.ico)

    • Cursor file format (.cur)

    • Hancom Cell (.cell)

    • Hancom Show (.show)

  • Improve PDF sanitization speed

  • Better disk I/O usage


Release date: 12/2/2019

  • Fixed additional break line when sanitizing HTML

  • Better handling metadata removal in Microsoft Office 2007


Release date: 11/19/2019

  • Improve PDF sanitization: betting handling metadata, none standard PDF files


Release date: 11/7/2019

  • Better processing Cross Reference Table ( xref ) in PDF

  • Improve multi-threads handling for JTD sanitization


  • Preserve newline character when sanitizing CSV

  • Better handling PDF Form with empty decoded data


  • Better handling invalid file structure for TIFF

  • Better handling MP3 version 2.5


  • Better handling CSV formulas starting with special characters

  • Microsoft Office sanitization improvement

    • Sanitize recursively all supported file types embedded in Microsoft Office 2007 documents

    • Better handling file path when processing

    • Improved invalid file structure detection for DOC

  • PDF sanitization improvements:

    • Supported sanitize PDF file generated by Adobe Illustrator

    • Improved PDF form sanitization

  • Optimized system resource usage (RAM, I/O)


  • Supported TXT to TXT sanitization

  • Introduced new options to process formulas in CSV

  • Improved memory usage when sanitizing big HTML files

  • Better handling invalid structure JPG files


  • Better resource usage for image processing

  • Better disarming process for Microsoft Office sanitization


  • Supported new file types:

    • Text file (TXT)

    • Audio Video Interleave (AVI), Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG)

    • Outlook Personal Folder (PST)

  • Supported a new configuration to process image link in HTML

  • Improved 20% PDF sanitization speed


  • Deep CDR as new name

  • Supported new file types:

    • Media file format: MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3 (MP3) , Waveform Audio (WAV)

    • Archive file: Cabinet Archive (CAB), ARJ Archive (ARJ), LZH Archive (LZH), LZMA Archive (LZMA)

    • Email file: Outlook Message (MSG)

  • Improved XLS/XLSM sanitization: better Macro/VBA handling

  • Better embedded object removal for XLSX/PPTX sanitization

  • Improved ODT sanitization: remove linked images; hidden text, paragraphs, comments

  • Improved Deep CDR details


  • Improved file handling for HTML, CSV, images sanitization

  • Improved process management in Linux sanitization

  • Better encode handling for RTF sanitization

  • Improved logging


  • Better DDE handling for DOCX

  • Improved PDF sanitization: better handling MetaData, XFA form, Security setting

  • Better temp file handling for JTDC sanitization


  • Improved Linux sanitization stability

  • Improved ODT sanitization: font, embedded sheet handling

  • Better DDE handling for DOC/XLS/XLT

  • Better link handling for DOCX


  • Supported new 26 file formats, more than 100 sanitization types:

    • Video file format: MPEG-4 Part 14 (MP4), Windows Media Video (WMV)

    • Email file format: Electronic Mail (EML)

    • Microsoft PowerPoint: Microsoft PowerPoint (97-2003) Show (PPS), Microsoft PowerPoint (97-2003) Template (POT), Microsoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Show (PPSM), Microsoft PowerPoint Template (POTX), Microsoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Template (POTM),

    • Microsoft Excel: Microsoft Excel (97-2003) Template (XLT), Microsoft Excel Template (XLTX), Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Template (XLTM)

    • Microsoft Visio: Microsoft Visio Drawing (VSDX), Microsoft Visio Macro-Enabled Drawing (VSDM), Microsoft Visio Drawing Stencil (VSSX), Microsoft Visio Template (VSTX), Microsoft Visio Macro-Enabled Template (VSTM), Microsoft Visio Macro-Enabled Stencil ( VSSM), Microsoft Visio Stencil XML file type (VSX), Microsoft XML for Visio Template (VTX), Microsoft Visio XML Drawing (VDX)

    • OpenDocument Document Template (OTT)


    • AutoCAD: Drawing Interchange Format (DXF), Design Web Format (DWF)

    • 3D files: Digital Asset Exchange (DAE), 3D Studio (3DS), Universal 3D (U3D), Google Draco (DRC), AVEVA Plant Design Management System Model (RVM)

    • RTF to PDF

  • Return forensic info to show which objects were sanitized, removed

  • Improved image sanitization speed, memory usage

  • Improved PDF sanitization: better error classification, metadata handling, script handling, form handling

  • Improved XLS, PPT sanitization: duplicated object handling, macro handling, image handling

  • Improved HTML sanitization: handle hyperlink better, preserve content in "pre" tag, remove redundant data

  • More stable Linux sanitization for DOCX, PPTX


  • Better handling empty HTML file

  • Improved PDF parser to handle file structure better


  • Improved handling hidden content in DOCX sanitization

  • Improved ODT sanitization in Linux


  • Improved error message for Microsoft XML Spreadsheet 2003 (.xml) sanitization

  • Improved PDF sanitization: XFA form, Metadata parser


  • Enhanced XLS sanitization in case files only contain Macros

  • Improved forensic info in HWP sanitization


  • Sanitization of recursively embedded documents in Microsoft Office 2007 documents

  • Sanitization of Calendar data files: iCalendar (.ics) & vCalender v1.0 (.vcs)

  • Enhanced EMF/WMF sanitization

  • Improved image sanitization to prevent advanced steganography attacks

  • Extended file support that now includes Ichitaro Document to Compressed format (JTDC), a compressed version of JTD

  • Enhanced PDF sanitization functionality, including handling of digital signatures, JavaScript, form fields, and layers


  • Enhanced handling DDE with RTF file type

  • Improved handling external objects in Microsoft Office document

  • Improved handling Forms in PDF

  • Improved error message for password protect documents


  • Enhanced the EMF sanitization inside PPT for Linux

  • Improved error messages for invalid file structure in DOC, PPT

  • Improved the TIFF sanitization inside PDF

  • Better CDATA node handling in HTML sanitization

  • Better temp file handling in Microsoft Office 2007 sanitization


  • Better OLE handling for HWP

  • Enhance file structure validation for PDF, Microsoft Office


  • Better failure handling for PDF, DOCX sanitization

  • Enhanced Microsoft Office sanitization: remove more linked objects, control stream.


  • Improved PPT sanitization speed

  • Improved CSV sanitization speed in Linux

  • Improved WMF/EMF sanitization to prevent device independent bitmap (DIB) copy vulnerability (CVE-2017-0190) and buffer overflow vulnerability (CVE-2005-2123, CVE-2005-2124)

  • Improved forensic info and error message


  • Sanitization detail is available on MetaDefender Core REST API (version 4.12.1 and newer) (Beta)

  • Improved WMF/EMF sanitization to prevent code execution

  • Improved WMF/EMF sanitization for images inside document files

  • Support Windows Metafile (WMF), Enhanced Metafile (EMF), Microsoft Visio Drawing (VSDX, VSDM) sanitization on Linux (Beta)

  • Better embedded object handling for Microsoft Office file types

  • Removed external media objects for PPT sanitization

  • Better removing PDF metadata

  • Improved HTML sanitization speed on Linux

  • Added performance report for Linux


  • Enhanced steganography sanitization for PNG


  • Support Windows Metafile (WMF), Enhanced Metafile (EMF) sanitization on Windows (Beta)

  • Better non-standard objects handling for PDF

  • Enhanced HWP sanitization: content, image handling.


  • Improved Microsoft Office sanitization speed on Linux

  • Improved PDF sanitization speed on Linux

  • Improved HWP sanitization speed on Linux

  • Improved JTD sanitization speed on Linux


  • Supported Microsoft Visio Drawing (VSDX, VSDM) sanitization on Windows (Beta)

  • Improved hyperlink sanitization for HTML

  • Improved hyperlink sanitization for HWP


  • Removed external media objects for PPTX/PPSX sanitization

  • Improved hidden text removal for DOCX/DOTX sanitization


  • Fixed the issue of loading customized configuration on a 64bit system

  • Handle NULL character in content for HTML to HTML sanitization

  • Preserve UTF-8 BOM encoding for CSV sanitization


  • Handle big file size sanitization on Windows

  • Improved PPSX sanitization: better OLE object, Command handling

  • Improved file size with Microsoft Office files contain EMF/WMF images



  • Fixed XML, SVG sanitization issue


  • Enhanced Linux CDR performance

  • Supported more file types in Linux CDR: XML2XML, SVG2SVG, DOT2DOT, GIF2GIF


  • Removed Linux BETA label

  • Improved HWP sanitization: better image handling, stream processing.

  • Fixed HTML sanitization issue when sanitizing links, scripts


  • Increased HWP sanitization speed

  • Handling missing fonts for DOC sanitization on Linux

  • Handling attachment removal for PDF with non-standard format

  • Better handling of temporary files for DOCX, PPTX, XLSX sanitization


  • Fixed moniker type issue in PPT

  • Fixed some handling embedded font in PDF


  • Improved Linux sanitization for DOCX

  • Added support iso-2022-jp for HTML sanitization

  • Enhanced CSV sanitization

  • Enhanced PNG sanitization inside Microsoft Office documents


  • Enhanced Macro removal for AutoCAD (Beta)

  • Adding support additional potentially malicious objects in DOCX

  • Supported none Unicode encoding for HTML sanitization

  • Enhanced sanitization of some non-standard format PDF

  • Enhanced sanitization of some non-standard format RTF


  • Supported SVG to SVG sanitization (Beta)

  • Adding support additional Potentially Malicious Objects (PMO) object types in PPTX

  • Adding support additional PMO object types in XLSM

  • Improve handling file structure integrity with a specific DOCX type


  • Enhanced PPTX, PDF sanitization

  • Better handling of temporary files for image sanitization


  • Supported AutoCAD (Beta)

  • Introduced new type of process_hyperlink_behavior for HTML

  • Enhanced PPT sanitization

  • Fixed bug on PDF sanitization: inverted colors in Linux, remove_form, ...

  • Fixed image sanitization failure on Linux

  • Fixed embedded object removal for JTD


  • Updated omsFileTypeConversion.exe icon for rebrand

  • Fixed JTD sanitization lost images and objects

  • Fixed bugs on Microsoft Office files: DDE, Macro,...

  • Handled OLE Link for Microsoft Office files


  • Improved Linux sanitization

  • Fixed bugs on PDF sanitization: corrupted files, crashed

  • Distinguished Generic XML and Microsoft Office XML sanitization


  • Fixed bugs on PDF and DOCM sanitization


  • process_tag in HTML configuration was changed to process_hyperlink_behavior, default value is 1

  • Removed metadata in RTF file

  • Enhanced JPG, PDF, HTML sanitization


  • Supported DDE sanitization for DOC, XLS and CSV file format

  • Enhanced sanitization on ODT file format

  • Enhanced DLP support for DOC and DOCX sanitization (hidden text)

  • Enhanced Microsoft Office 2007 file format (DOCX, XLSX, PPTX) sanitization (comment, revision)

  • Enhanced stabilization for HTML, XLS and PPTX file format

  • Enhanced validation for HTML and RTF file format


  • Improved PDF sanitization (reduced sanitized file size, optimized image processing time in PDF,...)

  • Supported ODT sanitization (for both Windows and Linux)

  • Improved JPG sanitization (reduced processing time)


  • Supported DDE sanitization for DOCX and XLSX file format


  • Enhanced metadata sanitization for Microsoft Office 2007 file format ( Title, Subject, Comments, Author, Last Modified By, Company, Modified Date)

  • Improved TIFF to TIFF sanitization


  • Improved DOC, PDF, HTML sanitization for validation

  • Supported Form object sanitization in PDF


  • Supported metadata sanitization for Microsoft Office 2003 file format (DOC, XLS, PPT)