2. Configuring Metadefender Core

Metadefender Core is designed to support many different use cases and security requirements. As a Metadefender Core administrator, you can tailor the product to your organization's specific needs through a set of configuration options available to you. There are two ways to access these configuration options: (1) Through the Metadefender Core Management Console, which is a web-based user interface, or (2) through a command line utility, which you access through a command line interpreter. There are also a few less commonly adjust settings that are stored in a omsConfig.ini file.

Using Management Console to configure Metadefender

You can access the Metadefender Core Management Console through any browser that has access to the Metadefender Core system. A link to the Management Console (named "Metadefender Core Management Console") is added to the Start menu during installation.


The Management Console can also be accessed directly in any web browser by going to http://<Metadefender Core Server>:8008/management. <Metadefender Core Server> is the name or IP address of the system where Metadefender Core is installed.

Using the Command Line Utility to configure Metadefender

Metadefender Core also provides a command line utility that lets you run Metadefender Core operations, such as scanning a file or setting preferences/properties, etc.

The command line utility is omsCmdLineUtil.exe. You type this command line followed by a relevant parameter to set a specific configuration or perform a specific action. You can display the inventory of supported parameters by using the "config" parameter: "omsCmdLineUtil.exe config" (exclude the quotes). Note that the command line utility must be run from the directory where Metadefender Core is installed.

  1. Go to Start > Run > cmd , and then click OK .

  2. Change the directory to the directory where Metadefender Core is installed.


  3. Run the config command with omsCmdLineUtil.exe to bring up a list of options to configure.


In the subsequent sections of this guide, the command line utility commands/parameters are provided for each configuration setting.

Configuration options available through the omsConfig.ini file

There are some options that are set in the omsConfig.ini file, located in the installation directory of Metadefender Core. These are typically options that are not commonly adjusted from the default settings that come with product. You must restart the Metadefender Core service after making any changes to this file.