2.7. Filter CLI - Whitelisting/Blacklisting

C:\Program Files (x86)\OPSWAT\Metadefender Core 4>omsFilterCLI.exe
Metascan(R) Filter Command Line Utility
(C) OPSWAT, Inc. 2002-2017
Command Description
------- -----------------------------------
addtoblack <path> <type> <threat> add the file to the blacklist
addhashtoblack <sha256> <type> <threat>add the provided SHA256 Hash to the blacklist
addtowhite <path> <type> add the file to the whitelist
addhashtowhite <sha256> <type> add the provided SHA256 Hash to the whitelist
remove <sha256> remove specific file from the lists
list <type> retrieve whitelist and blacklist
about shows the info of the current version
Arguments Description
---------- -------------------------------------
<type> 0: all, 1: archive library, 2: engines
<threat> Name of threat for reference
<path> Absolute file path

As of 3.13.1, the filter lists can contain up to 15K hashes.