2.1. Scan Configuration (global configuration options)

The Scan Configuration settings affect the global behavior of Metadefender Core when scanning files; i.e. these configurations apply to all files being scanned, regardless of which workflow is being used.

As with most configuration options, these can be set through the Management Console or through the command line utility. If you plan to use the console, see the diagram below to see where to access these settings. If you plan to use the command line, see the table below the diagram to get the respective CLI parameter nomenclature.


The table below explains each configuration option found on this console page, specifies the default value (the value provided on a fresh install of the product), and provides the equivalent command line utility command:

Configuration Name


Default Value

CLI Command Parameter

Detect Scan Failures

Specifies the number of engines that can fail to scan a file before the overall result to be 'failed to scan'. For example, if set to 1, then a single engine failing will result in the file being labeled 'failed to scan'.

By default this setting is disabled (i.e. 0 for CLI), this means a file will be labeled as "failed to scan" only if all current AV engines returned a scan failure result.


dsf=<0-(n-1)>, where n is the total number of current AV engines.

Primary Temp Directory

Directory used to copy files for scanning.

RAMDisk (if installed) or the system temporary directory

td=<directory|secondary directory>

Secondary Temp Directory

Optional. Will be used only if the size of an extracted archive exceeds the space available in the primary directory.


Number of simultaneous scans

The number of scans that can run at the same time. It is recommended to set 4 times the number of cores or just 20, which ever one is higher, but also less than 100, which can happen for example on a machine that has 32 cores. For example, if your machine has 100 cores you may see improved performance with 200 threads.



Terminate engine if scan exceeds

The amount of time that Metadefender Core will wait for an engine to complete scanning before it terminates the engine process.

5 minutes

te=<time in seconds>

Maximum File Size for files scanned through the web interface

The largest allowable size for files scanned through the Metadefender Core web interface.



Do not calculate hashes for files larger than

The maximum size of files to compute the hash. Computing hashes for very large files can take a long time and can significantly affect Metadefender Core's performance.

100 MB