1.3. Activating Metadefender Core Licenses

Metadefender is operational only after an active license has been applied. In addition to the core license, some of the components require component-specific licenses either to activate them or to increase volume thresholds beyond the default settings. You should apply a Metadefender license as the next step right after installation, before you attempt any other activity with the product. (The one exception to this guideline is if you are trialing one of the smaller Metadefender v3 packages that comes pre-set with a short lived trial license, in which case you can delay license application for up to two weeks).

Activating and Managing Metadefender licenses

All types of Metadefender Core 147918865 are activated through the Metadefender Core Management Console or through the License Manager CLI:

  • Metadefender Core Management Console: You can use the Licenses tab on the Management Console to activate your license online or offline. You can also use it to check your license status.

  • License Manager Command Line Interface : You can use the License Manager CLI to apply, update, or activate a Metadefender Core license (online or offline), or to check the license status of Metadefender Core or Remote Clients. For more on using this tool, see License Manager Command Line Interface. Metadefender Core should be restarted whenever a new license has been applied via command line.

  • REST API for advanced users

Activation Mechanisms (online vs. offline activation)

OPSWAT provides both an online and offline mechanism to apply licenses:

  1. Online activation: Metadefender Core licenses can be activated online if the Metadefender Core server is connected to the Internet.

  2. Offline activation: If the Metadefender Core Server is not connected to the Internet, Metadefender Core licenses can be activated offline through the OPSWAT Activation Portal.

License System Validation

Metadefender Core licenses are strongly bound to the Volume ID, MAC address and NetBIOS name of the computer. Changing any of these attributes will disable Metadefender Core, even if you have not yet activated Metadefender Core with a license. If one of these values has changed, please contact support to receive a new license. For information on purchasing Metadefender Core licenses, contact our Sales Team.

Trial licenses

Metadefender Core 1, 4 and 8 packages are pre-set with a 15-day trial license. For Metadefender Core 12, 16, and 20 trial licenses, please contact our Sales Team. Requests for trial licenses for other components are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our Sales Team if you feel that you need a component specific license.

Once the trial period is completed, the trial license key will be inactive and Metadefender will stop operating properly. If you intend to continue using Metadefender beyond the trial period, you must apply an active license to Metadefender. Work with your OPSWAT sales representative to make sure you have this license. Note that once you activate a trial license, uninstalling and re-installing Metadefender Core will not extend the evaluation period.

License types

Metadefender Core utilizes the following types of licenses:

  • Metadefender Core (Required): The main license, which must be activated in order to use the product and for scanning. Other licenses (below) are not activated until the main license is activated.

  • Metadefender Clients (Optional): This license increases the maximum number of clients that can connect remotely to the server to perform scanning via REST APIs. With the main license only, you can use up to 1 customer-licensed engine.

  • Customer-Licensed Engines (Optional): This license increases the maximum number of pre-installed anti-malware engines not embedded in Metadefender Core that can be used for scanning. With the main license only, you can use up to 1 customer licensed engine.

  • Custom Engines (Optional): This license increases the maximum number of OPSWAT-provided custom engines that can be used simultaneously. With the main license only, you can use up to 1 custom engine.