1.2. Installing Metadefender Core

OPSWAT recommends that you install the latest released version of Metadefender v3. You can get this version on our Portal in the Downloads tab. Make sure that you are choosing the "Metadefender Core v3" section within the page and the correct package size (Metadefender Core 1, Metadefender Core 4, Metadefender Core 8, etc.). Your purchased and/or trial license is specific to v3 and to a specific package size, so it is important that you download the corresponding installer.

Note that OPSWAT offers the Metadefender Core v3 downloads as either an .exe file of an .iso file, except in the case of Metadefender Core 20, which only comes as an .iso file (it is too large to come as an .exe file). If you choose to download the .iso file, you will need to either (1) use software that can mount the .iso as a drive on your computer or (2) burn the .iso file to a CD, and then use a CD reader.

Once you have the installer, you can install Metadefender Core either by using the Install Wizard or through the command line interface.

In addition to the standard Metadefender Core installation, there are optional components that can be installed, based on your requirements.

Optional components

RAM drive

RAM drive installation will appear in a separate pop-up window. Click Install to continue the installation of the RAM drive component.