5. MetaDefender Client Release Notes

Tips and Known Issues

  • If MetaDefender Client is reporting an error in scanning a file, the file should first be scanned through the MetaDefender Core's web interface to determine the cause of the error.

4.1.12 MetaDefender Client release

4 Jannuary, 2019

MetaDefender Client 4.1.12 is a maintenance release primarily focused on bug fixes

Distributions included

  • MetaDefender Premium Client


Fixed the client behavior with the unblock/copy on error setting

How MetaDefender Client's 4.1.12 reacts on errors:

  • If the "copy on error" setting is enable, the agent only copies files without threat or skipped due to some reason

  • If the "unblocked on error" setting is enabled, the agent will only unblock portable media drive if there are no threats found

The system scan type in MetaDefender Client command line was broken

If a user ran a scan with MetaDefender Client via command line, Client wouldn't scan anything if the option " -scan_type" is set to "system"

Exported files may not be recognized by Windows Explorer

When a user exports a scan result from the MetaDefender Client, the exported file was not recognized by Windows Explorer

The "Group" option in command line was broken

If a device installed a MetaDefender Client which was previously associated with a group on Central Management, the configuration was not cleaned up. When users re-installed MetaDefender Client via command line and specified a Central Management group, Client would ignore that option and continue registering with the old group

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