3.5.3. Importing from file

The following guideline describes how to import OPSWAT Central Management's data from a .json file.

  1. Navigate to the Import/Export page from the sidebar and select IMPORT FROM FILE from the IMPORT/EXPORT drop-down menu.

  2. Select the file to be imported via Choose file. Select TEST to check the validity of the chosen file and continue to the next step if the test is successful.

  3. Select the data that should be imported by ticking their checkboxes. Enter the PINand select IMPORT to confirm the selection.

    In the duplicated data warnings, the number in brackets is the number of duplicated instances.

  4. The result dialog shows whether the data is imported successfully. Select Finish to complete the process.

  5. Import History will update with the result from the finished import process.

Import History only lists the data that was imported successfully in each import process..

Importing users data also requires importing user directories data.