3.2.5. MetaDefender Kiosk Dashboard

OPSWAT Central Management's MetaDefender Kiosk Dashboard gives a general overview of the status and activities of all managed MetaDefender Kiosk instances.

Because of the integration with ELK technology, the MetaDefender Kiosk Dashboard function requires users to configure ELK settings.
In Logstash server settings, UDP protocol is recommended to have the collected data visualized correctly.
If TCP protocol must be selected, please ensure that the OPSWAT Central Management server can properly resolve the hostname of the managed MetaDefender Kiosk instances, e.g., the server and instances are all installed on the same network.

If you have not yet configured ELK, MetaDefender Kiosk Dashboard will show message " No log server connected. Please setup a centralized log server at ELK setting ". Click on the link to set up ELK for OPSWAT Central Management.


After the Elasticsearch and Logstash servers are successfully configured and at least one MetaDefender Kiosk instance is connected with correct Logstash server configuration, MetaDefender Kiosk Dashboard will be displayed properly.

Overview section

This section shows the current status of the managed MetaDefender Kiosk instances, such as INSTANCE CONNECTION STATUS and LICENSE STATUS.


Statistics by time section

This section describes the activities of all managed MetaDefender Kiosk instances in a certain time frame. The users can customize the selected time frame to display up to a period of 30 days between a specific start and end date.


You can view the general statistics of files that all managed MetaDefender Kiosk instances have scanned. The bar chart FILES PROCESSED below describes the number of files that have been processed during the selected time frames, filterable by instances.


After each scan, a MetaDefender Kiosk instance sends a syslog message that is diplayed in the SYSLOG FROM INSTANCES table.