2.5. Uninstall OPSWAT Central Management


On Windows, OPSWAT Central Management can be removed through the Add or Remove Programs tool or through the command prompt.

Option 1: Use Add or Remove Programs tool

  1. Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features or Add/Remove Programs depending on your version of Windows.

  2. Select OPSWAT Central Management and click Uninstall to start the uninstallation process.

Option 2: Use Command prompt

While it is possible to uninstall the program from the same .msi package used for installation, please note that the procedure requires an elevated context (i.e. with administrative privilege), such as via an elevated command prompt.

  1. Start command prompt as administrator.

  2. From the command-line interface, execute the command:
    msiexec /x <msi file name>
    Or for silent uninstallation:
    msiexec /x <msi file name> /quiet
    Where <msi file name> should be the location of your msi package.
    For instance :

    msiexec /x C:\OPSWATCentralManagement.msi /quiet

Red Hat Enterprise Linux:

On Red Hat Enterprise Linux, OPSWAT Central Management can be removed through the terminal.

Enter the command (requires sudo privilege):

sudo yum remove ocm

Clean Uninstallation:

In case of a problem during the installation of a new version of OPSWAT Central Management, you can perform a clean uninstallation to completely remove all data related to OPSWAT Central Management and resolve any possible conflicts.

Please note that clean uninstallation should only be performed at a last resort. The following instructions will result in the loss of all changes to your OPSWAT Central Management installation (persistent data from the current instance, stored files and custom configuration).

  1. Uninstall OPSWAT Central Management via one of the methods described above.

  2. Delete all OPSWAT Central Management directories (refer to 2.1. Recommended System Requirements for directories in use).