4.3. Inventory management

Under the Inventory > Engines menu Metadefender Central Management displays detailed information on scan engines including anti-malware engines, archive engines, etc.

On the Scan Engines all the installed engines are listed with their details such as

  • Scan engine: name of engine

  • Type: type of engine. Possible types are

    • Archive engine

    • Anti-malware engine

    • Data sanitization engine

    • Filetype detection engine

    • Utility engine

    • Vulnerability detection engine

  • Platform: platform the engine runs on

  • Version: engine version

  • Database: database version the engine is using

  • Enabled: status of engine



To manually trigger update of scan engine and database packages, click on the Update all button.

To provide engine or database packages on your own, select the Upload package option.

Engines can be disabled (and re-enabled afterwards) by clicking on the cross button. When an engine is disabled neither the engine nor the corresponding database package is updated and it will be removed from every agent. Status of the engine is displayed by green mark sign, grey cross sign meaning the enabled or disabled accordingly.

Note that in case of having a Metadefender Core v3 database update for which remote engine update is not supported, engine version information is not shown.