7. Data Sanitization Release Notes

DS 5.4.3

  • Improved file handling for HTML, CSV, images sanitization

  • Improved process management in Linux sanitization

  • Better encode handling for RTF sanitization

  • Improved logging

DS 5.4.2

  • Better DDE handling for DOCX

  • Improved PDF sanitization: better handling MetaData, XFA form, Security setting

  • Better temp file handling for JTDC sanitization

DS 5.4.1

  • Improved Linux sanitization stability

  • Improved ODT sanitization: font, embedded sheet handling

  • Better DDE handling for DOC/XLS/XLT

  • Better link handling for DOCX

DS 5.4.0

  • Supported new 26 file formats, more than 100 sanitization types:

    • Video file format: MPEG-4 Part 14 (MP4), Windows Media Video (WMV)

    • Email file format: Electronic Mail (EML)

    • Microsoft PowerPoint: Microsoft PowerPoint (97-2003) Show (PPS), Microsoft PowerPoint (97-2003) Template (POT), Microsoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Show (PPSM), Microsoft PowerPoint Template (POTX), Microsoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Template (POTM),

    • Microsoft Excel: Microsoft Excel (97-2003) Template (XLT), Microsoft Excel Template (XLTX), Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Template (XLTM)

    • Microsoft Visio: Microsoft Visio Drawing (VSDX), Microsoft Visio Macro-Enabled Drawing (VSDM), Microsoft Visio Drawing Stencil (VSSX), Microsoft Visio Template (VSTX), Microsoft Visio Macro-Enabled Template (VSTM), Microsoft Visio Macro-Enabled Stencil ( VSSM), Microsoft Visio Stencil XML file type (VSX), Microsoft XML for Visio Template (VTX), Microsoft Visio XML Drawing (VDX)

    • OpenDocument Document Template (OTT)


    • AutoCAD: Drawing Interchange Format (DXF), Design Web Format (DWF)

    • 3D files: Digital Asset Exchange (DAE), 3D Studio (3DS), Universal 3D (U3D), Google Draco (DRC), AVEVA Plant Design Management System Model (RVM)

    • RTF to PDF

  • Return forensic info to show which objects were sanitized, removed

  • Improved image sanitization speed, memory usage

  • Improved PDF sanitization: better error classification, metadata handling, script handling, form handling

  • Improved XLS, PPT sanitization: duplicated object handling, macro handling, image handling

  • Improved HTML sanitization: handle hyperlink better, preserve content in "pre" tag, remove redundant data

  • More stable Linux sanitization for DOCX, PPTX

DS 5.3.4

  • Better handling empty HTML file

  • Improved PDF parser to handle file structure better

DS 5.3.3

  • Improved handling hidden content in DOCX sanitization

  • Improved ODT sanitization in Linux

DS 5.3.2

  • Improved error message for Microsoft XML Spreadsheet 2003 (.xml) sanitization

  • Improved PDF sanitization: XFA form, Metadata parser

DS 5.3.1

  • Enhanced XLS sanitization in case files only contain Macros

  • Improved forensic info in HWP sanitization

DS 5.3.0

  • Sanitization of recursively embedded documents in Microsoft Office 2007 documents

  • Sanitization of Calendar data files: iCalendar (.ics) & vCalender v1.0 (.vcs)

  • Enhanced EMF/WMF sanitization

  • Improved image sanitization to prevent advanced steganography attacks

  • Extended file support that now includes Ichitaro Document to Compressed format (JTDC), a compressed version of JTD

  • Enhanced PDF sanitization functionality, including handling of digital signatures, JavaScript, form fields, and layers

DS 5.2.12

  • Enhanced handling DDE with RTF file type

  • Improved handling external objects in Microsoft Office document

  • Improved handling Forms in PDF

  • Improved error message for password protect documents

DS 5.2.11

  • Enhanced the EMF sanitization inside PPT for Linux

  • Improved error messages for invalid file structure in DOC, PPT

  • Improved the TIFF sanitization inside PDF

  • Better CDATA node handling in HTML sanitization

  • Better temp file handling in Microsoft Office 2007 sanitization

DS 5.2.10

  • Better OLE handling for HWP

  • Enhance file structure validation for PDF, Microsoft Office

DS 5.2.9

  • Better failure handling for PDF, DOCX sanitization

  • Enhanced Microsoft Office sanitization: remove more linked objects, control stream.

DS 5.2.8

  • Improved PPT sanitization speed

  • Improved CSV sanitization speed in Linux

  • Improved WMF/EMF sanitization to prevent device independent bitmap (DIB) copy vulnerability (CVE-2017-0190) and buffer overflow vulnerability (CVE-2005-2123, CVE-2005-2124)

  • Improved forensic info and error message

DS 5.2.7

  • Sanitization detail is available on MetaDefender Core REST API (version 4.12.1 and newer) (Beta)

  • Improved WMF/EMF sanitization to prevent code execution

  • Improved WMF/EMF sanitization for images inside document files

  • Support Windows Metafile (WMF), Enhanced Metafile (EMF), Microsoft Visio Drawing (VSDX, VSDM) sanitization on Linux (Beta)

  • Better embedded object handling for Microsoft Office file types

  • Removed external media objects for PPT sanitization

  • Better removing PDF metadata

  • Improved HTML sanitization speed on Linux

  • Added performance report for Linux

DS 5.2.6

  • Enhanced steganography sanitization for PNG

DS 5.2.5

  • Support Windows Metafile (WMF), Enhanced Metafile (EMF) sanitization on Windows (Beta)

  • Better non-standard objects handling for PDF

  • Enhanced HWP sanitization: content, image handling.

DS 5.2.4

  • Improved Microsoft Office sanitization speed on Linux

  • Improved PDF sanitization speed on Linux

  • Improved HWP sanitization speed on Linux

  • Improved JTD sanitization speed on Linux

DS 5.2.3

  • Supported Microsoft Visio Drawing (VSDX, VSDM) sanitization on Windows (Beta)

  • Improved hyperlink sanitization for HTML

  • Improved hyperlink sanitization for HWP

DS 5.2.2

  • Removed external media objects for PPTX/PPSX sanitization

  • Improved hidden text removal for DOCX/DOTX sanitization

DS 5.2.1

  • Fixed the issue of loading customized configuration on a 64bit system

  • Handle NULL character in content for HTML to HTML sanitization

  • Preserve UTF-8 BOM encoding for CSV sanitization

DS 5.2.0

  • Handle big file size sanitization on Windows

  • Improved PPSX sanitization: better OLE object, Command handling

  • Improved file size with Microsoft Office files contain EMF/WMF images


DS 5.1.20

  • Fixed XML, SVG sanitization issue

DS 5.1.19

  • Enhanced Linux CDR performance

  • Supported more file types in Linux CDR: XML2XML, SVG2SVG, DOT2DOT, GIF2GIF

DS 5.1.18

  • Removed Linux BETA label

  • Improved HWP sanitization: better image handling, stream processing.

  • Fixed HTML sanitization issue when sanitizing links, scripts

DS 5.1.17

  • Increased HWP sanitization speed

  • Handling missing fonts for DOC sanitization on Linux

  • Handling attachment removal for PDF with non-standard format

  • Better handling of temporary files for DOCX, PPTX, XLSX sanitization

DS 5.1.16

  • Fixed moniker type issue in PPT

  • Fixed some handling embedded font in PDF

DS 5.1.15

  • Improved Linux sanitization for DOCX

  • Added support iso-2022-jp for HTML sanitization

  • Enhanced CSV sanitization

  • Enhanced PNG sanitization inside Microsoft Office documents

DS 5.1.14

  • Enhanced Macro removal for AutoCAD (Beta)

  • Adding support additional potentially malicious objects in DOCX

  • Supported none Unicode encoding for HTML sanitization

  • Enhanced sanitization of some non-standard format PDF

  • Enhanced sanitization of some non-standard format RTF

DS 5.1.13

  • Supported SVG to SVG sanitization (Beta)

  • Adding support additional Potentially Malicious Objects (PMO) object types in PPTX

  • Adding support additional PMO object types in XLSM

  • Improve handling file structure integrity with a specific DOCX type

DS 5.1.12

  • Enhanced PPTX,PDF sanitization

  • Better handling of temporary files for image sanitization

DS 5.1.11

  • Supported AutoCAD (Beta)

  • Introduced new type of process_hyperlink_behavior for HTML

  • Enhanced PPT sanitization

  • Fixed bug on PDF sanitization: inverted colors in Linux, remove_form, ...

  • Fixed image sanitization failure on Linux

  • Fixed embedded object removal for JTD

DS 5.1.10:

  • Updated omsFileTypeConversion.exe icon for rebrand

  • Fixed JTD sanitization lost images and objects

  • Fixed bugs on Microsoft Office files: DDE, Macro,...

  • Handled OLE Link for Microsoft Office files

DS 5.1.9:

  • Improved Linux sanitization

  • Fixed bugs on PDF sanitization: corrupted files, crashed

  • Distinguished Generic XML and Microsoft Office XML sanitization

DS 5.1.8:

  • Fixed bugs on PDF and DOCM sanitization

DS 5.1.7:

  • process_tag in HTML configuration was changed to process_hyperlink_behavior, default value is 1

  • Removed metadata in RTF file

  • Enhanced JPG, PDF, HTML sanitization

DS 5.1.6:

  • Supported DDE sanitization for DOC, XLS and CSV file format

  • Enhanced sanitization on ODT file format

  • Enhanced DLP support for DOC and DOCX sanitization (hidden text)

  • Enhanced Microsoft Office 2007 file format (DOCX, XLSX, PPTX) sanitization (comment, revision)

  • Enhanced stabilization for HTML, XLS and PPTX file format

  • Enhanced validation for HTML and RTF file format

DS 5.1.5:

  • Improved PDF sanitization (reduced sanitized file size, optimized image processing time in PDF,...)

  • Supported ODT sanitization (for both Windows and Linux)

  • Improved JPG sanitization (reduced processing time)

DS 5.1.4:

  • Supported DDE sanitization for DOCX and XLSX file format

DS 5.1.3

  • Enhanced metadata sanitization for Microsoft Office 2007 file format ( Title, Subject, Comments, Author, Last Modified By, Company, Modified Date)

  • Improved TIFF to TIFF sanitization

DS 5.1.2

  • Improved DOC, PDF, HTML sanitization for validation

  • Supported Form object sanitization in PDF

DS 5.1.1

  • Supported metadata sanitization for Microsoft Office 2003 file format (DOC, XLS, PPT)

Known Issues

  1. Not supporting Microsoft Office 95 document format

  2. Conversion from HTML to an image would fail if the size of the HTML file is bigger than 90KB

  3. Supported AutoCAD file (.DWG) versions: 2004-2018. With version 2007-2009, when removing macro from the original file (if it has), opening sanitize file will display an error message "Failed to load project from storage" appeared but the file still works as usual