6. Troubleshooting sanitization failures

This feature is available with MetaDefender Core v4.13 or newer.

To distinguish different errors happened during the sanitization process, Data Sanitization engine classifies the errors to different categories The information is available in JSON output when retrieving scan result though REST API.

"post_processing": {
"actions_failed": "Sanitization Failed",
"actions_ran": "",
"converted_destination": "",
"converted_to": "",
"copy_move_destination": "",
"sanitization_details": {
"failure_category": "invalid file structure",
"details": "Startxref not found"

details is an optional key
sanitization_details is not available for all of the file types such as archive, eml file types.



invalid file structure

File is corrupted or it does not match specification

unsupported version

MS Office file is created with format before MS Office 97 or DWG file is created with AutoCAD before version 2004

exceeded file size

This file size is bigger than the configured file size

password protected

Document needs a password to unlock

failed to sanitize

Other failures during sanitization, should not happen